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Erica Rose Levine, “Empress.”

Opening this Saturday, June 21st in Thinkspace Gallery’s Project Room is Erica Rose Levine’s show “Empress.”  Erica, who works primarily with colored pencils, creates portraits that depict decadent, powerful women within a minimalist photorealistic style that resembles high fashion photography.

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I’ve been working on a portrait of my Qunari character Kaivan (means “Tree” in Ivatan) Adaar for the upcoming Dragon Age game.

Above you can see the progression from sketch to digital. A lot has changed about him.

A little bit more about Kaivan:

He’ll more than likely be my second playthrough. I always play an elf first. :)

His class will be rogue which he is suited for because of his not-so-intimidating horns. I’m sure Qunari come in many shapes & sizes so Kaivan won’t be as bulky as the others we’ve seen so far.